LHC restrained ECP to announce NA128 election results

 LHC restrained ECP to announce NA128 election results

The Lahore High Court, headed by Chief Justice Ali Baqir Najafi, granted approval to a petition by Salman Akram Raja challenging his exclusion from the Form 47 compilation process, temporarily restraining the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) from issuing the success notification for NA-128.


legal team argued his absence during the Form 47 compilation, a crucial step in summarizing polling station results, emphasizing candidates' right to witness the process for transparency.


Concerns were raised about potential discrepancies in the compilation of results from 13 polling stations.


 Despite the government's suggestion to address complaints to the ECP, the court found the petition meritorious, issuing notices to both parties and scheduling a hearing for February 12.


 Consequently, the LHC ordered a temporary halt on the official notification of Raja's victory, leaving the final outcome in suspense.