Maryam distance herself Shahbaz- led regime, Told it's not my government

Maryam distance herself Shahbaz- led regime, Told it's not my government

PML-N Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz has apparently distanced herself from the coalition government led by his uncle Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, saying that her party is not responsible for its performance.

According to Express News on Thursday, the head of the ruling party allegedly said these things during a recent meeting with representatives of the PML-youth N's wing.

Not my government, this. When Nawaz Sharif returns to Pakistan, our government will be in power, she said during the meeting, according to party insiders.

Party sources claim that the coalition allies are assigning blame for the inadequate performance of the federal administration.

The PML-N main organiser attempted to excuse her party of responsibility for the present financial and other difficulties by claiming that the coalition government does not include her party.

"When Nawaz Sharif is in Pakistan, our government will be constituted. Pakistan can only advance under Nawaz Sharif, she reportedly said.

Her remarks come at a time when the PML-N-led administration is facing intense criticism due to rising food prices and inflation ahead of this year's general elections.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar formally unveiled a Rs170 billion mini-budget on Wednesday amid rising inflation. The budget included some highly inflationary measures but exempted traders and commercial banks from any new taxes, undermining the coalition government's argument that it should burden the sectors that are best able to bear it.


The Finance (Supplementary) Bill 2023 also included certain policies that have historically failed to generate substantial amounts of cash, like the implementation of a 10% advance income tax on public and private events

“Pakistan has reached an understanding with the IMF [International Monetary Fund] during January 31-February 9th staff-level visit and the most important element of it was to introduce Rs170 billion worth additional taxes,” Dar said while introducing the finance bill in the National Assembly.