Rana Sanaullah said a(JIT)has been formed for carrying out a "quick" probe into terrorism cases registered against Imran khan.

Rana Sanaullah said a(JIT)has been formed for carrying out a

To handle all of these matters that will be litigated in anti-terrorism courts, JIT has been established. After 14 days, the team will deliver its report to the court. Zulfiqar Hameed, Punjab's Assistant Inspector General of Special Branch, will serve as the JIT's leader. The ISI, IB representatives, who must be at least Grade 18, a MI representative, and DIG (Headquarters) Awais Ahmed will be on it. Imran Khan, according to the interior minister, assaulted the courts as part of a deliberate plot. The warning that the ticket hopefuls would not be assisted if they did not bring along at least 50 persons allegedly drove all PTI activists to congregate. He stated that the JIT would conduct an open probe and prosecute the offenders.


Sanaullah further stated that the current administration wants to follow the Constitution. According to the interior minister, the administration started the procedure once the electoral watchdog provided the election calendar in response to directions from the supreme court. According to Sanaullah, the administration could not possibly consider rescinding the supreme court's rulings.


He added that concerns will be raised about the conduct of free and transparent elections, claiming that there would be no equal playing field in the National Assembly elections in the presence of the government that is in place following the provincial elections.