4th Pillar Post

About Us

Fourth Pillar Post is physical representation of the term fourth pillar and the ideas it professes for a modern age. We are not biased towards nihilists, atheists, leftists, traditionalists, modernists, rightists, fundamentalists, elitists, Hell! We are not even biased towards fairness. We as the Fourth Pillar believe in openness of debate over digital platforms for the sake of democracy

Our reason to exist is the spread of reason for the people, by the people like you.

We have broadcast website for current affairs and editorials; we have our channel pages to keep all the audience apprised and aware of current affairs with interesting angles. There are not always two sides to a story as some stories might have five sides

We are few energetic young journalists gathered together to try and be as close to fourth pillar of state as possible. We are first completely digital media organization. Ranging from hardcore investigative journalism to documentaries, from table talks to podcasts, from short films to stand ups. We will tell you how it is and why it is.

For more information on our shows, please visit our shows page on our website or visit our YouTube channel. Please support us if you want to us keep working and keep making videos like these.

We were only two friends, and we are growing.

Team Fourth Pillar Post