Four of us

Four of Us; Trans People

In the first episode we as fourth pillar present you four of us trans people in one frame speaking just like you, smiling, getting emotional and expressive just like you.


 The only thing different is gender. In third world country such as Pakistan when we talk about trans or produce documentaries, films, reels, stereotypical sensationalism associated with trans people majorly overshadow the words they carry.


 In today's episode: |Dr Sara Gill, First transgender doctor in Pakistan| |Sophia Layla Afsar, Lawyer, Activist, Therapist| |Zehrish Khanzadi, Activist, Program Manager, Gender Interactive Alliance| Payal Jana, Dancer and Outreach Worker| "We hate some people because we don't know them, and we don't want to know them because we hate them" "How correct is the general perception that trans are the people who turn from male to female, or trans was born perfect but deviating"


"Is it economic conditions, a passion, a desire to express more of their real identity or to live a carefree life that leads to support groups? "Does guru system help one grow? Or it just helps them earn/survive? A parallel world? Guru-novice relationship?" "What is your perception of children of your own?" "Can you Talk about a bit of your love, intimate relationships, partners?"


 "How legally covered are trans community as a ‘gender’?" "Will the ban on abandonment for families till the age of 18 change anything? Would you prefer this law or not? Why?" "Is there any acceptance and equal access to education? Is it only social stigma that stops trans community from education or something else, is quota system an only option?"


"Are their jobs in market for trans community? Is it enough for equality? What is your personal struggle to find a respectable job?" "Is activism in pakistan enough and on right path toward empowering trans community? Or is there a need for culturally informed approach?"


"Will penalty for insults/derogatory remarks for trans community work in curbing stigmatization in educational institutes?"