After their "new era" summit, Xi departs Russia.

After their

A Russian drone attack on a school near Kyiv killed at least four people before Chinese leader Xi Jinping left Moscow on Wednesday at the close of a summit with President Vladimir Putin.


Xi called each other "dear friend" and hailed a "new era" in their nations' ties following two days of talks marked by pomp and a display of unity against the West.


But there was no apparent breakthrough on the war in Ukraine, despite Beijing touting a "visit for peace", and few concrete economic proposals were signed.


Xi's plane left Moscow's Vnukovo airport on Wednesday after being seen off by an honour guard, capping a visit that was seen as a boost for the internationally-isolated Russian leader.


Ukraine's air force said Russia attacked Ukraine with 21 "Iranian-made" drones overnight, and 16 were shot down.


After talks with Xi, Putin said that "many of the provisions" of China's initiative can form the basis of a peace settlement for Ukraine when Kyiv and the West are ready for it.


"However, so far we have not seen such readiness on their part," he added.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Kyiv had invited China to talks, and was waiting for an answer from Beijing.