Aqal se Naqal Hosakti hai - CBD, a blessing in disguise?

This is the fifth episode of our show Potpourri. Potpourri is defined as "a mixture of dried petals and spices placed in a bowl to perfume a room."
Aqal se Naqal Hosakti hai - CBD, a blessing in disguise?

"As the last part suggests we are neither advocating for drugs nor are we trying to paint a positive picture around it, we do take seriously the message "Say no to drugs" sent by our prestigious institution ANF- Anti Narcotic Force"


Today's episode is a fact based analysis on a blessing in disguise, CBD market, and If we are thinking out loud, here is just an idea.


A billion dollar industry is waiting to be tapped, Canada, China, USA, UK, France, all these countries specially grow hemp or cannabis for exports, we on the other hand have outstanding amount of hemp or cannabis growing naturally, but yet some of our morals have stopped us from even thinking about it.


As the saying goes emotions cloud judgment, if we look at the numbers in this market, legally or illegally, billions of dollars are circulating in market, any country will be drooling over tapping this market, but only few are doing it, most importantly for two reasons rest of the world is not contributing because not every country has the natural environment for it, millions of dollars investment is required to cultivate and regulate at the same time.


Now what is stopping Pakistan? usage? as stated in facts 6.1 million people in Pakistan consumed cannabis in just one year 2020. but they should stop consuming it, we can learn from china to regulate the drug abuse. but since we have the natural environment for it, all we need the tight regulation, question is are we willing to do it?


Nobody is asking to legalize drugs for public use, all we are asking is earn something, make people living in Pakistan, lives better.


We are desperate, aren't we?