Blast in Karachi carried by Gangs: Police

According to the FIR, on Thursday at around 3:35 pm, 10 to 15 individuals attacked the Ahmadiyya place of worship on Magazine Line, Saddar.
Blast in Karachi carried by Gangs: Police

On Saturday, Karachi police said that they had dismantled a six-person street gang in the port city.


According to information, the police took action in the Industrial Zone of New Karachi and detained six "street criminals." The dismantled criminal group was a source of fear in the neighbourhood and was responsible for the thefts that left numerous bystanders hurt.


Salman, Yasir, Abdul Sattar, Younis, Salman, and Yasir aka Bagali were among those detained.


According to the police, they were found to be in possession of three motorcycles, twenty stolen mobile phones, and other valuables.


Previously, the Sindh police's special investigation unit (SIU) had asserted that it had apprehended a five-person dacoit group in Karachi.


The dacoits' gang has been involved in over 100 cases of robberies, street crime, bank robberies, and other crimes, according to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Irfan Bahadur.


He had insisted that the group would primarily target people who were getting cash out of banks or ATMs. The police officer claimed that after learning of the dacoits' presence, they successfully conducted operations against them in North Karachi and Nagan Chowrangi.