BRT/Green Line/People's Bus Service/Metro Bus - Karachi Kay Liye Jhooti Umeed

This is the sixth episode of our show Potpourri.we define it as: – a mixture of dry opinions and fact-based analysis, naturally fragrant stories and tales, sensationalized social media issues as sprinkles of oil, and presented by our team to keep the potpourri fresh and alive.
BRT/Green Line/People's Bus Service/Metro Bus - Karachi Kay Liye Jhooti Umeed

"Our import bill majorly consist of oil payments, Public Transport is not just necessary for any metropolitan, it is the way for the government to earn, it is the way for the government to minimize it's import bill"


Today's episode is a fact based analysis on a transport system in largest metropolitan of Pakistan and the fifth most populous city in the world.


 As discussed in video, transport in Karachi is in shambles, according to transport modality 42% of passengers are catered by only 4.5% of public transport.


As discussed in video, the anomaly is that in Karachi, there are 36% private cars on road, and facilitating 21% of the commuters.


As discussed in the video, Mumbai, Tehran, Kaula Lampur, Istanbul, in all these metropolitans more 70% of the commuters are facilitated by public transport.


By public transport we don't mean transport which is only provided and managed by government, but even the private buses, run by private companies.


 So, in the news we keep hearing from the government and ministers, there is a big plan for transport system in Karachi, big names are used such as Green Line, Red Line, Orange Line, Yellow Line, Karachi circular railway, all of these are false hopes.


Because.. Karachi needs more than 20 thousand buses, and there are 16 thousand buses on road which are completely depreciated.


The interesting fact is nobody has ever taken this matter seriously and has never given a true thought to traffic problems of Karachi.


When Lahore has less than population of Karachi, with proper infrastructure, Ring roads, Mass-Transit System, with Metro train, Multan is on its way too, RWP-ISL metro train is also running at full capacity, our question is, our people in power thought of giving better transport system to Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Multan, yet completely ignored one of the biggest metropolitan in world, why?


Becuase.. "Afsos se kehna parr raha, Niyat hi nahin"


We are desperate, aren't we?