Chamaat Wahan Maro Jahan Mahsoos Ho- Hurt Where It Hurts The Most.

This is the fourth episode of our show Potpourri. Potpourri is defined as "a mixture of dried petals and spices placed in a bowl to perfume a room."
Chamaat Wahan Maro Jahan Mahsoos Ho- Hurt Where It Hurts The Most.

"Please do not take us wrong, we love karachi, we feel all the pain for it"


Today's episode is an attempt to explain why this rain brought havoc in Sindh, why monsoon's in every year bring havoc to Karachi.


 After fifteen years of criticism over poor performance of Pakistan People's Party and after fierce response by our vocal class, PPP continues to rule Sindh, and the criminal negligence on their part continue to bring havoc in whole Sindh every year.


Sadly, given the demography and political stage of province, vocal class meaning urdu media, or urdu speaking people, reside mainly in urban areas such as Karachi and Hyderabad, we don't know yet why, but we believe due to undivided attention by urdu media on karachi has somewhat forced all political parties, philanthropist and rest of the vocal class to stay focused on karachi.


In every other province we have political parties, in sindh, we have urban political parties and rural political parties, in interior sindh we don't see any political party working on a political agenda. We see few individuals hurting PPP, but those individuals remain individuals, because no other political party is interested, which means PPP is enjoying a comfortable position.


Urban political groups continue to focus on Karachi, and criticise PPP while not even hurting them where their constituency is. In a way a system has been placed, where urban political groups enjoy their comfortability in Karachi and in Rural PPP, and since rural has major chunk of seats in assembly PPP end up forming a government.


And to our tiger friends on social media, if you want PPP to not rule Karachi, you have to stop it from ruling sindh, because Karachi is part of Sindh, the sooner you all accept, the sooner this province can see a change.


Finally, to PPP, stop crying crocodile tears, we all know what you have done to interior Sindh. Please.. “Beta tumse na ho payega”