China warned Australia, UK and the USA were treading a "Path of error and danger" with submarine pact

China warned Australia, UK and the USA were treading a

AUKUS is a trilateral security agreement between the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, which was announced in September 2021. The deal centers around the development of a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines for the Australian Navy, to replace its existing fleet of conventionally powered submarines. The submarines will be built using US and UK technology, and are expected to significantly enhance Australia's military capabilities.

China's foreign ministry spokesman, Wang Wenbin, issued a warning to Australia, Britain, and the United States, after the unveiling of a new nuclear-powered submarine deal. In a statement on Tuesday, Wenbin accused the three countries of pursuing their own geopolitical interests at the expense of the international community's concerns. He criticized the threenations for walking "further and further down the path of error and danger." Wenbin's comments come amidst growing tensions between China and the West, as Beijing seeks to expand its influence in the Asia-Pacific region. The US, UK, and Australia have yet to respond to the remarks.

After China, Russia has expressed concern about the AUKUS, stating that "the Anglo-Saxon world, with the creation of structures like AUKUS and with the advancement of NATO military infrastructures into Asia, is making a serious bet on many years of conflict." As per a report from TRT World, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made these comments on the heels of US, UK and Australia's decision to unveil plans of how Australia would be armed with nuclear powered submarines.