CPJ Launches WhatsApp Chatbot for Journalists' Safety Ahead of World Press Freedom Day

Empowering journalists worldwide! @pressfreedom introduces a new WhatsApp chatbot offering safety tips and resources for journalists on the go
CPJ Launches WhatsApp Chatbot for Journalists' Safety Ahead of World Press Freedom Day

In anticipation of World Press Freedom Day, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has rolled out a groundbreaking initiative to enhance journalists' safety worldwide. On the eve of this significant day, CPJ unveiled a WhatsApp chatbot designed to provide journalists with essential safety tips and resources directly on their mobile phones.


The chatbot, an innovative addition to CPJ's suite of safety tools, aims to address the increasing threats faced by journalists, particularly during elections, protests, and in various digital and physical environments. Lucy Westcott, CPJ's emergencies director, emphasized the importance of this initiative in light of the heightened risks confronting journalists globally.


As part of its functionality, the chatbot automatically delivers safety information to journalists, offering critical resources such as risk assessments, guidance for reporting in conflict zones, digital security tips, and advice on reporting in areas with unexploded ordnance (UXO).


Accessing this invaluable information is simple for journalists. By adding CPJ's journalist safety chatbot as a contact using the number +1 206-590-6191 on WhatsApp and sending a text saying "Hello," users can unlock a menu of safety resources tailored to their needs and circumstances.


This initiative underscores CPJ's commitment to supporting journalists in navigating the challenges they face in their profession. By providing real-time safety guidance directly to journalists' phones, CPJ aims to empower them to stay safe and informed before, during, and after their assignments.


As World Press Freedom Day approaches, CPJ's WhatsApp chatbot stands as a beacon of support for journalists, enabling them to carry out their crucial work with greater confidence and security in an increasingly complex media landscape.