Four of Us; Super Moms.

Four of Us; Super Moms.

This episode we spoke to four mothers of down syndrome children.

Hence, Super Moms!


We tried to understand, how slow learning is the same as mentally retarded. We heard from mothers that down syndrome kids are slow, and nobody likes to be called mentally retarded, how when you when you label someone like that you block their growth.


We tried to understand, how much family support they had in raising their kids? We heard from mothers that everybody had a different support system, some had a smooth sail, and some are still struggling to make people accept the reality.


While speaking about screening process, mothers were not reluctant to tell us their stories of what was their gynecologist’s role in revealing the news about their child being a down syndrome, we were astonished to hear, there was nearly no counselling done for mothers, they were never explained what has happened to them.


We asked how much they are affected psychological from hearing of the news till now, what they had to do to cope up with all the pressure, all the eyes, how did they manage to come out of it? how much time did it take them to accept, was it difficult, of course it was but did it make them stronger? hear it yourself.


We asked if Pakistan have proper screening for down syndrome, although the answers came out negative but we were shocked to hear big hospitals like Aga khan and various others, doesn't really have a proper screening for DS kid in the biggest metropolitan of country? Doctors dilemma is also discussed.


There are two type of rehabs when it comes to one of the parents when they are given the news that their child has down syndrome, and secondly of a child when is growing up. Mothers spoke their hearts out of how they are so frustrated with doctors not doing any counselling of a parent, rehab for kids is so expensive that it is literally unaffordable to most of the families in Pakistan. Keep in mind these are the mothers who are well read, well settled, now imagine mothers in villages.


While speaking to mothers, we asked whether there is an acceptance of education, whether there is an inclusion or not, whether education is easily accessible or not? whether schools who speak about inclusion, do they really include? are they really affordable?


Employment for down syndrome people? because why not? if you think its farfetched and a myth, listen to what mothers has to say. "If you don't want something to become reality, it will always be a myth"


Again... if you dot want something to become reality, it will always be a myth. If people with down syndrome are slow learners, but they learn, they understand, they can see, and they can think better for themselves, so why not vote? Why exclude them under the pretext of mental retardation, when clearly they are not.


"We are not just behind, we are far behind in this"