Increased surveillance to stop illness outbreaks in KP

The health department is strengthening surveillance of diseases through timely investigations to deal with communicable ailments in the province
Increased surveillance to stop illness outbreaks in KP

According to officials, the health service is stepping up illness surveillance through prompt investigations to address communicable diseases in the province.


The integrated disease monitoring and response cell of the health department seeks to guarantee the availability of contagious illness diagnostic services at government laboratories and stop disease outbreaks through quick action.


According to sources, the health department has submitted a PC-1 to request acceptance of a Rs900 million grant to improve disease testing and take immediate action to avert epidemics.


200 million rupees of the required sum would be used to upgrade the Public Health Reference Laboratory (PHRL) and introduce new tests.


The Khyber Medical University (KMU) main campus's health department built the lab in 2015 to identify 41 notifiable diseases and deal with outbreaks.