Nazim Jokhio Murder: Part Three - The Solution

Nazim Jokhio Murder: Part Three - The Solution

This video is part of report on brutal murder of Nazimmuddin Jokhio, a local resident and activist of Achar Salar Jokhio village of district Malir, Karachi. In whole report we talked about how it happened, why it happened, identifying a problem and finding a solution.


Had this incident happened in any civilized world, it would have shaken the very basis of government until the justice is done. But as we see in this report, we saw how brutally he was murdered. He was tortured for ours. In short he was beaten to death.


We all know that getting brutally killed in country like Pakistan is not big deal, that’s how inhumane we have become collectively as nation.


Those who murdered are sitting member of national assembly, and provincial assembly, they brutally killed Nazim Jokhio, and They are supported by one of the national political party namely Pakistan People's Party, fun fact is PPP is ruling Sindh for fifteen years.


 In the report we spoke about how our judicial system is manipulated, manoeuvred in such a way to provide relief to murderers who have accepted killing Nazim Jokhio. But our system, the bloody system, the red tape and legal formalities can make any one come to knees.


We saw a settlement happened after a judgment in Shahrukh Jatoi case, we saw Rao anwar case where witnesses are threatened to back off so that Rao Anwar sb can walk free. But in this case Pakistan people’s party is fighting making both worlds meet in order to net let the charges be framed.


The murderers will walk free, because no charges will be framed against them. These two MPAs and MNAs who have accepted that they are the murderers and not even iota of remorse or apology.


Waderas and Bhotars draw their power from government machinery, keep people suppressed in order to win again, no other political party is interested in raising voice for incidents like this in Sindh, so we are left at helm of one political party which in fact supports waderas and bhotars.



The only real opposition in Sindh are Nationalists, but they are silenced by bigger nationalist Sardar Akhtar Mengal, who is relative to alleged murderes


How do we delink this system? what is maximum and minimum we can do?


Answers are suggested by our extreme critics.


And lastly as Senator Aitizaz Ahsan: "Jab Riyasat Hogi Maa k Jaisi"


We are dead nation, we have lost hope, and we will soon lose faith. "Save us."