Pakistan will undergo a heatwave during March to May

Pakistan will undergo a heatwave during March to May

March through May, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued a warning about increase in temperatures and the potential heatwave occurrence.

Rainfall over much of the country is also anticipated to be close to normal, according to the most recent Met Office advisory, which was released on Friday.

Based on the global and regional circulation patterns, overall, a tendency for nearly normal precipitation is likely over most parts of the country, the Met Office said.

The atmospheric factors point to the possibility of a heatwave developing over the season, particularly across the country's plain areas.

Water scarcity is anticipated for agriculture and domestic demands throughout the upcoming season due to rising temperatures, it noted.

Due to global warming, Pakistan has been experiencing unusually high temperatures, which have led to longer and more intense summers and heavy rains.

Following enormous monsoons, the nation was devastated by disastrous floods the previous year.