Pakistan's future determined by its own action, choices: India FM

Pakistan's future determined by its own action, choices: India FM

According to Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, the foreign minister of India, Pakistan's future would be primarily determined by its own decisions and actions, and Islamabad must find a solution to its economic problems.

"In my opinion, Pakistan's choices and actions will have a significant impact on the country's destiny. Nobody encounters a challenging circumstance unexpectedly and without reason. They must work to escape on their own. In our current relationship, we are unable to directly contribute to that process, Jaishankar stated in an interview aired on Tuesday by the Indian news agency ANI.


His comments come as Pakistan, which is experiencing economic upheaval, is attempting to restart a delayed IMF loan programme.


"If I were to compare it to Sri Lanka, for instance, it would be a totally different connection. There is a lot of sympathy towards Sri Lanka still in this nation. Naturally, neighbours are worried and concerned, but there's also a feeling that we need to support them through this. If something were to happen to some of the neighbours tomorrow, it would also be the case. Nevertheless, you are aware of the support that Pakistan enjoys in the nation, Jaishankar added.