Political Hypocrites or Siyasi Munafiqeen

This is the second episode of our show Potpourri.
Political Hypocrites or Siyasi Munafiqeen

The word hypocrite in English language does not really justify the weightage of the word "Munafiq". The word hypocrite doesn't signify and explain the vileness behind the actions of a munafiq.


Today's episode is the regarding recent status of Pakistan as polarized state, where there is a certain portion of population highly active in politics, have opinion on everything. which is not a bad thing, everybody is ought to have an opinion, but the question remains? do all us believe in this? do all of us really respect the opinions which differ from us?


It's an old tale that there is always a certain sector in a society which is untapped until someone comes along with a populist narrative. We as a nation are deepest critiques of everything, and there is nothing wrong in that but will we accept the criticism against us.


Last but not the least straight to the point, people who support Imran khan should understand that when you say "poori qoum Imran Khan k sath hai" 60% of the vote is still with PDM and people who support PDM, should accept Imran khan is a big leader and leader of right now largest party in Pakistan.


Stop ignoring and calling each other wrong, you both are reality, you both will form a reality.


But if you think, you and only you are right, please stay away from us.


Our society collectively has always wants someone else to do for them. how many times have we heard "Yaar koi inse jaan churaye". Bhai khud jaan churrani hoti hai we are in democracy, though however flawed that is as (Late) Asma Jahangir said.


Suggestion: If our politicians for once start acting like politicians and not messiahs, they might not need establishment to back them.