PTI hires US firm to highlight threats to Imran's life.

PTI hires US firm to highlight threats to Imran's life.

Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has hired a new lobbying agency in the midst of claims that foreign involvement led to the overthrow of his administration in an effort to improve relations with the US and Pakistani diaspora living here. 


According to documents that were made public yesterday, PTI USA agreed to work with Praia Consultants LLC, a lobbying firm with offices in Washington, to advance its objectives of "positive relations with the United States and the Pakistani diaspora in the US.


“According to the paperwork submitted to the US Justice Department in accordance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the contract was signed on February 21 and was for a six-month duration. The lobbying firm's main client is PTI USA, which has its headquarters in New York. The company has been retained for a six-month contract at an expense of $8,333.00 per month.


 The agreement will continue for an additional six months till January 31st, 2024, if both parties have no objections and provide written approval thereto by June 30, 2023.