Sindh Government Plans Random Drug Tests in Karachi Schools to Combat Drug Peddling

Sindh Minister for Narcotics Control announces random drug tests in Karachi schools as part of a comprehensive crackdown against drug peddlers.
Sindh Government Plans Random Drug Tests in Karachi Schools to Combat Drug Peddling

The Sindh government has announced plans to conduct random drug tests in several schools across Karachi. Sindh Minister for Narcotics Control, Sharjeel Inam Memon, revealed that the initiative aims to identify and apprehend drug peddlers targeting students.


Under the scheme, random drug tests will be conducted on selected students, with their identities kept confidential. If a student tests positive for drugs, their parents will be informed, and the student will be questioned about the source of the drugs. However, Minister Memon clarified that no legal action would be taken against the students testing positive.


This announcement follows last month's decision by the Sindh government to launch a comprehensive crackdown against drug trafficking in the province. Minister Memon chaired a high-level meeting in Karachi to strategize the operation, emphasizing the urgent need to combat the drug epidemic. Plans include the formation of specialized teams to execute the crackdown effectively.


Minister Memon reiterated the government's commitment to liberate the younger generation from the influence of drug dealers. He also pledged to recognize and reward officers demonstrating exceptional performance in the crackdown as a token of appreciation for their dedication.


The initiative underscores the government's proactive approach to safeguarding the youth and creating a drug-free environment in Karachi.