Tyrian White's case will be decided IHC today.

Tyrian White's case will be decided IHC today.

The Islam­ab­­ad High Court (IHC) is expected to decide on Tuesday (to­­day) the maintainability of a petition seeking the disqualification of former prime minister Imran Khan for concealing his alleged daughter Tyrian White.

In his reply to the court, Mr Khan objected to the petition, stating he was no longer a public office holder as his resignation from the National Assembly was “irrevocable” when he has no inte­ntion of taking up a seat in the present assembly. In his reply, Mr Khan stated that the court has no jurisdiction to examine the veracity of any declaration or affidavit by a person who had cea­sed to hold public office.

During Monday’s hearing, counsel for the petitioner, Hamid Ali Shah, concluded his arguments in response to Mr Khan’s objections.

The matter was taken up by the ben­ch comprising Chief Jus­tice Aamer Farooq, Just­ice Mohsin Akhtar Kaya­­ni and Jus­tice Arbab Muhammad Tahir.