Punjab Government Launches "Roshan Gharana" Solar Panel Programme to Benefit Millions

Punjab CM Maryam Nawaz launches "Roshan Gharana" programme, offering subsidized solar panels to households.
Punjab Government Launches

The Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz-led government has introduced the "Roshan Gharana" programme, aiming to provide solar panels to millions of households across the province. This initiative targets households consuming between 50 to 500 units of electricity monthly.


Under the scheme, the Punjab government will subsidize 90% of the cost of solar panels, with consumers contributing the remaining 10%. The programme is designed to alleviate the impact of past challenges and ensure that citizens are better prepared for future energy needs.


CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz expressed her commitment to supporting the public during difficult times, emphasizing the government's efforts to enhance energy sustainability and reduce dependency on traditional electricity sources.


Details of the Solar Panel Scheme


Households consuming between 50 to 500 units of electricity monthly.



The first phase will prioritize the distribution of solar panels to the poorest families.


Government Contribution:

The Punjab government will cover 90% of the solar panel costs, while consumers will pay the remaining 10%.


System Capacity Determination:

The allocation of solar system capacity versus traditional electricity will be based on the specific needs of each household.