Opposition Moves No-Confidence Motion Against National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq

Opposition leaders including Mahmood Achakzai and Barrister Gohar Khan announce a no-confidence motion against Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, citing concerns over parliamentary procedures and legislative process.
Opposition Moves No-Confidence Motion Against National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq

Opposition leaders, led by Mahmood Achakzai of the Pashtun Khawa Milli Awami Party, have announced a no-confidence motion against National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, alleging inappropriate conduct and procedural irregularities.


In a press conference attended by opposition leader Umar Ayub, PTI chairman Barrister Gohar Khan, and former Speaker Asad Qaiser, Mahmood Achakzai criticized Ayaz Sadiq's handling of parliamentary affairs. He asserted that the Speaker's actions have undermined the democratic process and the sanctity of the parliament, which represents the interests of Pakistan's 240 million people.


"Ayaz Sadiq has acted as a facilitator rather than a guardian of parliamentary norms. Important officials like the IG Police and IG Jails should have been summoned to Parliament, but were not," Achakzai stated, highlighting grievances regarding the Speaker's role.


Barrister Gohar Ali Khan added to the criticism, accusing the government of rushing legislation without proper debate or consideration of opposition viewpoints. "The Speaker's biased approach and curtailing of opposition voices during sessions have led to significant financial losses and procedural injustices," he remarked.


Asad Qaiser condemned recent attacks on judicial independence, reaffirming the opposition's commitment to upholding constitutional principles. "We will continue our struggle within the legal framework, as the constitution must prevail," he affirmed.


The no-confidence motion marks a significant escalation in tensions within the National Assembly, reflecting broader concerns over parliamentary transparency and governance in Pakistan.