A troubling cycle

A troubling cycle

While I was watching videos on Instagram, I came across one in which people were protesting in US against Israeli genocide in Palestine. In the same video, a woman expressed that she wouldn't vote for Biden in 2024 elections because she thinks US govt is supporting the Israeli genocide.


It really got me thinking about the significance of voting in America. Now, let's shift our focus to the upcoming elections in Pakistan and the country's current situation. When you compare Pakistan to first world countries, some friends might laugh and say it's crazy because there's a difference in political awareness between the people of Pakistan and America. However, one thing remains the same in both countries: elections held after every five years, and people have the power to vote.


Elections are coming up, and political parties are busy getting ready. The parties that win will either form a government in collaboration or one party will win with a majority. The party that loses will be national assembly as the opposition.


Unfortunately, lawmakers in govt or in opposition, instead of focusing on people-centered issues, they often end up making accusations against, use incendiary language against eachother.


As an ordinary citizen from Sindh province and living in its capital Karachi,  I travel on my bike from home to the office on daily basis, I observe many things. Opened manholes in the center of the road are not new to me, and it's quite risky to see water tankers speeding through urban areas. It's even more concerning to see children and women risking their lives while crossing roads due to the lack of pedestrian bridges.


Official websites of various departments in Sindh being down. It's really disappointing when you visit a department's website for personal work and find out that you can register complaints, but the phone numbers provided are either busy or not responding. And even when you tried emailing them, you do not receive a reply. As an ordinary citizen, it's frustrating to see that despite paying taxes and department staff members receiving huge salaries, they lack hard work, and even a single email goes unanswered.


This century is often hailed as the century of digitization, technology, and artificial intelligence. However, Pakistan still faces fundamental problems such as, lack of quality education, endemic corruption, and the denial of women's rights. It's disheartening to see these issues persist, especially when we've been voting for the same party for a decade in Sindh.


It's even more concerning when I think about the bulge of youth living in remote areas of Sindh who have big dreams of becoming professionals in their respective fields. Without access to basic rights, how it is possible to achieve goals?


Many people have suggested solutions to these problems, but they persist nonetheless. Politicians often use manipulative language and avoid providing concrete answers to improve the lives of common citizens. It's frustrating to see the value of the common man being overlooked.


Political workers attending political rallies and raise flags, but what benefits do they actually receive for doing this? It's their right to participate, but it's disheartening to see their lives remain in poverty while the assets of politicians leading those rallies increase threefold in just five years. Indeed, It's a troubling cycle.


Even after two months have passed, there is still no information available regarding the DNA test results of Fatima Furiro who died mysteriously in influential Pir’s Haveli in Khairpur’s Ranipur. Also, why Bilawal Bhutto Zardari question the Sindh Public Service Commission’s chairman about the constant criticism who receives on social media? the main reason behind this is that politicians like Bilawal only appear when there are elections around.


The main issues in Sindh include food security, lack of clean drinking water, deteriorating law and order situation, and high unemployment rates. How a nation which grapples with such problems will pay attention to issues like climate change?


If you ride a bike on the streets of Karachi, you'll experience the scorching heat of the sun and waiting for green signal, all you can do is pray for rain. And when the rain finally arrives, Karachi faces worst urban flooding, which is ultimately another misery for residents.


When you realize that the education your child is receiving in a public school is substandard, you may consider enrolling him in a private school, which can come at a hefty cost. You will have to pay the fees, and to make this happen you have to earn that money by working day and night in your job. In such circumstances, I don't think you will have the luxury to think about the future of children in Palestine.

And what should I write, lament? Where should I go?  file a case against all these rulers?  Are these the same reasons why young people like me are leaving the country and going to other countries? But there are millions of young people like me who live in this country with no way out. What do they do without money? Run behind these corrupt politicians. Or should they just endure what's happening? What do you think I should do?